The Workhouse

Karl Stoll &

The Danger Zone

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"Karl Stoll is also one of those inconspicuous and somewhat lesser-known artists, who demands the necessary attention .." -  

"Undoubtedly my album of the week, my discovery of the month!…” - Eric Schuurmans,  Rootstime (Belgium)  

"A pure roots rock party on a platter" - Chris Specter, Midwest Record  

"You hit the ground running with that New Orleans track." - Ken Avis, Antidote, WERA-FM (Arlington, VA)

Track List

1. Meet Me in New Orleans 
2. Sometimes 
3. The Workhouse 
4. He Was My Dad 
5. Why Does it Feel So Good? 
6. Open Your Arms 
7. Love is a Two Way Street 
8. Bad Girl 
9. Fantasy Girl 
10. Great Rain 
11. Sometimes (reprise)

All songs written by Karl Stoll (Dangerous Guitar Music/BMI), except Great Rain written by John Prine and Mike Campbell (DMP songs/BMI and Weona Music/BMI)

THE DANGER ZONE - Karl Stoll, Brian Alpert, John Dickson, Dean Dalton

Recording Credits

Meet Me in New Orleans
Karl Stoll - guitar, vocal
John Dickson - harmonica
Dean Dalton - bass
Brian Alpert - drums
David Torkanowsky - piano
Joe Brotherton - trumpet
Megan Nortrup - sax
David Sager - trombone 
Tommy Lepson - B3 organ
Josh Howell - percussion
Anita King - background vocals
Caz Gardiner - background vocals

Written by Karl Stoll 2019
Recorded and mixed by Tommy Lepson at Area 51
Dangerous Guitar Music/BMI

Karl Stoll - Guitar, Vocal
John Dickson - harmonica, vocal 
Dean Dalton, bass, vocal 
Brian Alpert - drums, vocal 
Tommy Lepson - B3 organ, vocal 

Written by Karl Stoll 2021
Recorded and mixed at Area 51 by Tommy Lepson
Dangerous Guitar Music/BMI

The Workhouse
Karl Stoll - electric and acoustic guitar, vocals 
Brian Alpert - drums 
John Dickson - harmonica 
Dean Dalton - bass 


Written by Karl Stoll 2020
Recorded at 38 North, Falls Church, VA by John Brooks and Area 51
Mixed by Tommy Lepson at Area 51
Dangerous Guitar Music/BMI 

For more information on The Workhouse and the Lucy Burns Museum

He Was My Dad
Karl Stoll - guitar, vocal 
Steve Wolf - bass 
Brian Alpert - drums 
John Dickson - harmonica 
Paul Bell - slide guitar 

Written by Karl Stoll
Produced by Karl and Tommy 
Engineered by Tommy Lepson 
Recorded at Area 51 
Dangerous Guitar Music/BMI

In memory of Dr. Kenneth H. Stoll