Take a Ride

is the 2011 release from 

Karl Stoll &

The Danger Zone

It's an energized rockin' blues journey that winds through Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans, and Austin to their home turf in Washington DC

Nominated for Best Blues Recording by the Washington Area Music Association 

Released 2011 / Self Published

  1. Cadillac (Karl Stoll)
  2. Big Brown Shoes (Kent Dykes)
  3. No Name Girl (Billy Lee Riley/Jack Clement)
  4. There's Something About You (Karl Stoll)
  5. Life is a Beach (Karl Stoll)
  6. All My Money (Karl Stoll)
  7. Metropolitan Avenue (The Nighthawks)
  8. Walking Through the Park (Muddy Waters)
  9. Turn on Your Lovelight (Dreadic Scott/Joseph Malone)
  10. Sex Drive (Karl Stoll)

Recording Credits

Karl Stoll - guitar, vocals

Mojo Dixon - harmonica

Brian Alpert - drums

Hugh McGuire - bass

Tommy Lepson - background vocals, hand claps

Carol Gaylor - background vocals

Keeb Watson - background vocals

Produced by Karl Stoll and Tommy Lepson

Recorded by Tommy Lepson at Area 51

Additional recording by John Jorgenson at Sonic Waves