Karl Stoll

Karl "K-Sto" Stoll

Karl "K. Sto" Stoll - Guitar & Vocals


Karl "K. Sto" Stoll has been playing music since childhood. First it was drums, then guitar, piano and even the flute and violin. Thanks to his father, the guitar won! Growing up in Arlington, VA, Karl organized his first band, King Kong and the Apemen, for the junior high school play. That band evolved into Zyloid, then Rushour playing 60’s and 70’s rock, especially Blue Oyster Cult. Karl credits the school’s excellent music teacher Catherine Hartness for encouraging him and many others to pursue the love of music. 

In college, Karl put together B&G Fried Apple Pie Band playing bluegrass in High Point, NC, then dug into the blues and rock & roll with K. Sto and The Weasels while attending James Madison University.  

Upon returning home from college in 1981, Karl gathered some musicians that eventually created All Points Bulletin, a rockin’ boogie blues group inspired by contemporary blues bands like Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Nighthawks and The Fabulous Thunderbirds

After a lengthy hiatus to focus on career and fatherhood, Karl reemerged on the DC music scene in the early 21st century to form The Danger Zone. Since then, he has been going full speed ahead trying to hang on to his dreams.